About Our College

Welcome To Our College

Prophesy Training College is a entity, which embosoms the diversity of South Africa in its principles, enshrined with the ever increasing spirit of global convergence and best practice. Our main focus lies in satisfying the needs and requirements of our students, through superior and lasting quality services.


Prophesy Training College started its Journey within the education field during the early 2000’s, with the sole intention of developing skills within the Information Technology Industry.

Prophesy Training College through the years has thought a wide variety of students ranging from different parts of the country, Prophesy Training College has managed to create a multicultural learning environment for prospective students.

Your Success Is Our Mission

Our philosophy is to continually provide functional, reliable, practical and cost effective training. We specialize in professional training from basics to advance. The education and training provided at Prophesy Training College is combined with both theory and practical experience to equip you with the skills needed to assist you with your chosen career path.

All our courses are tailored and responsive to the needs of a learner. We strive to be the best.

All our lecturers are fully qualified and dedicated to helping our students. We strive on giving our students the best, so that they may gain skills, stayed motivated and are ready for the professional world.

Affordable Courses

Affordable education, is one of the most significant ways to improve a person’s life .Presently, time and space can no longer restrict access to an attractive, affordable, high-quality education.

With connection speeds getting up and equipment prices moving down, distance education is moving beyond traditional online courses to make widely available immersive, interactive ,real time learning experience


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